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Compliance Audits

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One of the most significant factors in the import and export business is compliance. There are many different steps to ensuring whether or not a company complies with all local and national export laws.

Dynamic Trade Group can help take the stress off business owners by providing them with superior export auditing services. Our compliance audits can help business owners know what they need to do to prove compliance.

What is Export Compliance?

Any United States business that sells goods internationally must comply with federal export regulations. These regulations fall under the Department of State, Department of Treasury, and the Department of Commerce.

Many companies think they do not need to comply with these regulations if they provide technical or data services overseas.

Realistically, any company that provides a good or service to customers overseas needs to comply with these export regulations. Companies that do not mind these regulations could face a series of penalties, hurting the business’s reputation, employees, and even finances.

Our Services

Clients can rely on Dynamic Trade Group for all of their complex trade issues.

We understand the various laws and regulations that guide the import and export process, and we would be happy to help our clients navigate these complex issues.

While they can seem difficult to deal with, our team has significant experience in trade rules and regulations, which helps us deliver quality results to our clients.

We are happy to offer our trade expertise to our clients. Dynamic Trade Group’s driven team would be happy to help clients worldwide get access to the import and export services they need.

We specialize in import & export compliance solutions for companies of every size

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    What Happens If I Don't Comply?

    Businesses that do not comply with the United States Export Regulations can face a variety of penalties. These penalties can directly impact a business’s usual operations, affecting everything from finances to operations.

    Here are just a few of the consequences business owners face if they do not comply:

    • Export compliance issues are a matter of public record, which damages the public opinion of a company

    • Harsh penalties impact companies that do not comply

    • Debarment can occur

    • Employees or workers in charge of compliance can face prison time

    • National interests do not receive the protection they need

    • And more

    Individual business owners must ensure that they comply with all federal laws regarding their export procedures. Failure to comply is not just a localized issue; it is a national one. The government sees exported goods and services as a national interest.

    The various Departments in charge of exportation will ensure that these goods receive protection from foreign adversaries, so compliance is such a big issue.

    Without export compliance, goods and services could reach other countries. This outcome is especially unwanted in the technology sector, as it can result in other people receiving notice of groundbreaking technical and technological services that have yet to be released.

    How Do I Know I'm Export Compliant?

    Export compliance entails that a company upholds the Export Administration Regulations (which many shorten to EAR). If the US Department of Commerce finds that a company is not compliant with EAR, the company will have to provide an export compliance audit.

    What Do I Do About An Export Compliance Audit?

    Many people in the export industry compare an export compliance audit to an IRS audit since both monitor an individual’s general activities and practices.

    While an IRS audit ensures that a person pays the correct amount of taxes, and an export compliance audit ensures that a company’s export process goes smoothly. It ensures that a company’s processes do not suffer from vulnerabilities or other limitations.

    This auditing ensures that no malicious parties can take advantage of the company’s rules and regulations.

    There are two types of audits, which see usage depending on the circumstances outlined by a business or the government:

    • Directed

    • Self-Initiated

    The type of audit necessary has a basis in an individual’s circumstances, so companies should determine their needs before choosing one.

    Here are the significant differences between the two types:

    Directed Audit

    The government agency directs the company to process the audit internally, providing the report once finished.


    A company decides to perform an audit without government request. This type of audit allows an individual or business to improve compliance before the government intervenes.

    We specialize in import & export compliance solutions for companies of every size

    Benefits of Export Compliance

    Believe it or not, there are many benefits associated with export compliance. The most obvious benefits include that a company can proceed with operations as usual, without penalty.

    Here are just a few of the additional benefits businesses can expect if they complete their compliance audit:

    • Prevents future legal issues

    • Provides a company with risk management and assessment tools

    • Identifies potential compliance issues

    • Helps improve compliance policies over time

    • And more

    Professional auditing can help save a company time, money, and stress. Our team at Dynamic Trade Group can help companies that need to keep their practices in check. We understand the importance of export compliance, and we want to help companies and businesses achieve it.

    Contact Dynamic Trade Group

    If clients want a quick, reliable service to streamline their import and export process, they should contact our international trade compliance consulting firm. Dynamic Trade works out of the Pacific Northwest in Washington, but we service clients worldwide. We would be happy to help our clients navigate their trade compliance and import/export issues.

    We have a wealth of expertise in the compliance, brokerage and supply chain industries, which has helped us guide clients through crucial business decisions. U.S and foreign countries’ regulations are not static but fluid and ever-changing. We have developed a positive reputation as a quality trade consulting service with many customers served over the years.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us at (206) 678-7436. Our experts would be happy to help any client navigate their complex trade issues today.

    We look forward to working with you soon!

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