Compliance Program Development

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Compliance Program Development

Dynamic Trade Group LLC

Import compliance is critical, especially if a business intends on selling products or services overseas.

An import compliance program is a necessary step for any business looking to work overseas. While many business owners don’t know, this is a mandatory requirement. An import compliance program can help keep them out of trouble while highlighting a clear plan for overseas business.

What is an Import Compliance Plan?

An import compliance plan is a detailed document containing all of the essential features of a business’s trade program. This document outlines the different steps that make up a business’s import plan while highlighting the benefits and systems for employees to utilize.

The Bureau of Industry and Security states that there are many elements to an effective compliance plan, including:

  • Recordkeeping services

  • Operational guidelines

  • Management commitments

  • Risk assessment

  • A written plan

  • Compliance security

  • Frequent compliance training

  • Steps to handle potential violations and issues

  • Export compliance auditing

  • Corrective action

  • And more

Depending on their size and scope, they may have more action items in their compliance plan. An import or export consultation with Dynamic Trade Group can help companies develop their import compliance plan, which can keep employees on the same page about any trade negotiations and other factors involved in the import process.

We specialize in import & export compliance solutions for companies of every size

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    What Are The Benefits Associated With An Import Compliance Plan?

    There are many benefits to an import compliance plan, including:

    • Providing accountability for companies

    • Keeping businesses complaint

    • Creating training and awareness of procedures utilized to maintain compliance

    • Providing tools to keep procedures accurate

    • Ensures that a business has an iron-tight strategy

    • Decreases risk associated with violations and penalties

    Combined with the written guidelines provided in an effective compliance plan, these safeguards can help businesses continue their efforts overseas. A plan ensures that companies stay out of trouble while following best practices for overseas business.

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    We specialize in import & export compliance solutions for companies of every size