Recent Projects

Dynamic Trade Group LLC

Our Recent Projects

Dynamic Trade Group LLC

Over the years, Dynamic Trade Group has participated in both large and small-scale import and export projects. We are happy to share these projects with our future clients, as it gives them a better idea of our company and its values.

As we have grown, so has our list of projects. With significant experience in the trading industry and many industry prowess, it is easy to see why so many people have trusted Dynamic Trade Group for their trading needs.

Here are just a few of our past import and export projects:

Recent Import Projects:

  • GSP product determination

  • Protests

  • Binding Rulings

  • HTS product classification

  • Customs broker audit

Recent Export Projects:

  • Compliance Training

  • Aerospace product determination

  • Export audit and analysis

  • TARIC and CDN classification

We specialize in import & export compliance solutions for companies of every size