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Dynamic Trade Group is here to help companies with their trade compliance training.

Trade compliance describes the process and procedures by which goods enter and exit a country and adhere to any laws, rules, regulations and requirements of the country from which the goods are being imported or exported.

Trade compliance is a broad term that can incorporate many different aspects of international trade, all of which require knowledge and expertise to navigate successfully. The term includes training, classification, trade risk, taxes and import duties as well as any and all certifications, product testing authority and country-specific import licensing and approvals.

The requirements of international trade compliance differ from country to country and from one type of goods to another. For example, the trade compliance requirements for perishable goods are wholly different to what is needed for IT technology.

Trade compliance exists to ensure that global trade practices remain constant and stable in a regulatory changing world. It’s important that businesses and their goods adhere to the same standards and requirements for economic, ethical, quality, supplier and consumer protection.

There is an almost endless number of permutations of trade agreements between different countries and across product sectors. This is why the complex rules and regulations of trade compliance are so important to understand and follow. Trade compliance ensures that you’ll meet the demands of customers and retain a competitive advantage over less diligent suppliers. The alternative can lead to delays, financial losses and other penalties.

Compliance Training in a Nutshell

There are different types of training, which people should remain aware of when they start dealing with businesses internationally. Business owners should continually refresh themselves on these rules and regulations to stay in the know about best practices and ensure that they stay in the clear.

Dynamic Trade Group works closely with companies to help them develop and implement comprehensive training services.

International trade is an important aspect of your company and the local and  national economy. To ensure that this process continues smoothly, clients should continually refresh themselves on the rules associated with importing and exporting.

Our team can help companies determine the best strategies for their businesses. We understand that all companies have different needs, so we work closely with individuals to develop training services that work best for their needs.

We specialize in import & export compliance solutions for companies of every size

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    Our Training Services

    There are many different training services that clients can utilize. These types of services depend on a team’s needs and the size of the business. Since there are a lot of different services, people should ensure that they have the correct services in mind for their business.

    Here are just a few of the services that people can expect from our team:

    • Employee Orientation

    • Company Training

    • Annual Training

    • Internal Trade Compliance

    We've broken down what these services entail below:

    Employee Orientation

    Getting new employees on the same page about your import and export services is critical for company success. Employee orientations can help team members understand the policies and procedures that a team should follow to maintain import and export compliance.

    Company Training

    Ensuring that all team members understand the processes behind exporting and importing is a great way to keep everyone on the same page. Working closely with team members, such as accountants, executives, or policymakers, can ensure that everyone understands these necessary procedures.

    It can seem difficult for people in different industries to understand the nuances behind importing and exporting. For example, for employees working in a different industry, such as manufacturing or customer service, it might seem challenging to grasp importing and exporting concepts.

    Our team works closely with people from all departments, which helps streamline a company’s stance on specific policies.

    Annual Training

    Team members should stay up to date on compliance and trade rules. Since these rules can change periodically, it is best to hold annual training to keep company members up to date.

    Our team can help keep all departments aware of new or ongoing import or export changes. With our training services, employees can better understand these processes and learn more about their company’s position in the international spectrum.

    Internal Trade Compliance

    Training courses are an excellent way for company leaders and employees to remain conscious of new changes in importing and exporting continually.

    Our team would be happy to help people learn the ropes of importing and exporting while providing members at all levels with innovative strategies for excellence.

    We specialize in import & export compliance solutions for companies of every size

    How Dynamic Trade Group Can Help

    Our team understands the importance of trade compliance. We work closely with companies of all sizes, which helps them develop innovative compliance solutions.

    Dynamic Trade Group understands the importance of ensuring that all compliance documents are intact. We know how important it is to maintain compliance, as it can help protect a company’s reputation.

    We work closely with companies to help innovative training solutions they need to succeed. Our team has significant experience in everything from brokerage to customs relations, so we can help develop solutions that work best for your company’s  needs.

    Dynamic Trade Group concentrates on finding client-driven solutions for companies in any industry. Whether a company needs to import or export goods or services, we can help you and your team maintain compliance.

    Contact Dynamic Trade Group

    If clients want a comprehensive, reliable service to streamline their import and export processes, they should contact our international trade compliance consulting firm. Dynamic Trade works out of the Pacific Northwest in Washington, but we service clients worldwide. We would be happy to help our clients navigate their trade compliance and import/export issues.

    We have a wealth of expertise in the compliance, brokerage and supply chain industries, which has helped us guide clients through crucial business decisions. U.S and foreign countries’ regulations are not static but fluid and ever-changing. We have developed a positive reputation as a quality trade consulting service with many customers served over the years.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us at (206) 678-7436. Our experts would be happy to help any client navigate their complex trade issues today. We understand that these issues can seem difficult to navigate, which is why our team is here to help.

    We look forward to working with you soon!

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